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A Day in the life of LSST Construction

April 2016

This ten-minute slideshow includes 170 images from a single day that show the breadth of work being done and the individuals responsible for construction of the LSST.

For one day, Wednesday, March 23, 2016, everyone working on LSST was encouraged to submit a picture of something interesting and representative of their work to chronicle the LSST construction. 

Our goal was to show the full breadth of effort being applied on a typical day in LSST construction. We wanted to get as many people in different parts of the project, including contractors, to participate, to highlight the many aspects of LSST construction as well as the people doing the work. 

All together we received 170 images from more than 80 people, images which have been assembled into this slideshow of… A Day in the life of LSST Construction.

LSST Project

Financial support for LSST comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF) through Cooperative Agreement No. 1258333, the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science under Contract No. DE-AC02-76SF00515, and private funding raised by the LSST Corporation. The NSF-funded LSST Project Office for construction was established as an operating center under management of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA).  The DOE-funded effort to build the LSST camera is managed by the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC). 

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