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Pachón Webcam

Watch LSST Construction
Progress on Cerro Pachón



LSST AAS 2015 Video
28mb, 7 minutes
MD 144mb | LG 480mb

Cerro Pachón Flyover
25mb | 60mb  | 87mb

Calypso Relocation Video & Photo Gallery 5/2014

UC Davis - LSST will bring a New View of the Universe (YouTube)

AmLight LSST Video
2:38 - SM 105mb | LG 535mb

LSST: Entering the Era of Petascale Optical Astronomy, M. Juric (1/14/14)
Youtube Video
Congressman McNerney voices support of LSST on the House floor
May 17, 2013
7mb, 1 minute
June 2011 Animations
December 2011 LUCIANNE WALKOWICZ: Explosions In The Sky
March 2011 First Blast on El Penon Summit
Lg (26mb) Download >>
Sm (14mb) Download >>
August 2010 LSST Photon Image Simulation
March 2008 High Definition
LSST 2008 Blue Animation… 8.4-meter telescope 
July 2008 The oven lid is about to be opened for the first time in months
January 2008 Arizona Illustrated segment describing he LSST project
March 2008 UC Davis News Watch
March 2008 Hot glass melts inside the rotating oven
January 2007 Google becomes an Institutional Member of LSST.
May 2006 Panorama showing Cerro Pachón, future site of the LSST Telescope
October 2007 Animation depicting the LSST with optical and structural designs


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